Upgrade your membership to CONNECT  
The Ultimate Club Benefit

(1) Connect Club privileges include the 50% off ala carte food (menu items) benefit and golf access at cart fee only ($25).

(2) Connect Affiliate Club privileges include golf access at cart fee only ($25),
but don’t include the food discounts.

(3) Discounts associated with Connect apply to the immediate family
listed on the membership.

(4) Golf Tee Times must be made by your Home Golf Professional staff or Membership Director.

(5) Dining reservations at Connect Clubs can be made by calling the Club directly. 

(6) Guest fee discounts (50% off at Private Club, 20% off at Public course)
apply while visiting a CBIGG property but not at your Home Club.

(7) Connect members will be required to use “member charge” as the form of payment for all discounted purchases at your Home Club or
while visiting another Private Club.

(8) Connect members have access to the CBIGG family of Clubs through this program but must use their Home Club for league play, tournaments, any association memberships, swim teams, weekend morning tee times, etc.

There are 14 Connect and Affiliate clubs to visit in TX
There are 3
Connect and Affiliate clubs to visit in both AZ and NY
There are 2
Connect and Affiliate clubs to visit in MD
There is 1 Connect club each in CT, and MA
There is 1 Affiliate club each in NJ and NV 

Connect Program Fee and Club listing
Connect Terms and Conditions