Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make golf tee times?
Reservations for golf may be made up to seven days in advance, in person or by phone. Golf Shop number is (972) 296-7317.

How many times may I bring a guest to play golf? 
Thorntree C.C. does not limit the number of times a Member can bring guests. However, the same guest may only play a maximum of 1 time per month and NO MORE than 6 times per year.

How does the billing work?
The month’s bill is closed out on the last day of each month. At the beginning of the next month, you will receive your monthly statement, which reflects the past month’s incidental charges and the next month’s dues. Mandatory autopay from a bank account or Credit card is now a requirement for Membership. The amount of the statement will be charged to your card or drafted from your bank account on the 15th of each month. If you are a Full Golf member you will automatically receive a complimentary weekday guest pass each month.

Does your club charge for range balls?
Yes, a monthly range fee of $14 is charged to all Golf Members and gives you unlimited access to the practice facilities for you, your family, and all guests that you bring to the club.

What is the dress code at Thorntree?
Collared shirts must be worn at all times on the golf course, practice areas and within the social area of the Club. Shorts must be a Bermuda length or a style specially designed for golf. All of the following types of clothing are prohibited on the golf course: denim, short shorts, cut-offs, running shorts, athletic or coaches shorts & sweats, tennis length skirts, T-shirts and tank tops. Shoes must be worn at all times. Golfers must wear golf shoes that are in compliance with the clubs' spikeless facility.

Appropriate tennis attire must be worn at all times. Shoes must have soft rubber soles and be specifically designed for tennis. Shirts with sleeves must be worn at all times. No tank tops are permitted. Cut-off jeans, jams, school jerseys, gym-type shorts, golf slacks and swimwear are prohibited.

Only proper swimming attire is permitted in the pool area. Cut-offs are prohibited. Swimming attire is not allowed in the Clubhouse at any time.
Upstairs Dining and downstairs Grill area
Casual attire in good taste is the appropriate attire in the clubhouse, but at a minimum, Members and their guests must meet the dress code set forth in the above golf attire section. Although this area is casual, the following dress attires will not be permitted:
1. Baggy, cut-off or frayed, and oversized jeans
2. Swimwear (not permitted in any area of the clubhouse)
3. Tank tops, distasteful t-shirts, etc.

Who is entitled to use the golf facilities? 
The Golf Member, his or her spouse, and their children are entitled to use the golf facilities. Children through the age of 23 living at home or enrolled as a full-time student are allowed full privileges, but must be registered with the Club. Some restrictions may apply. Please see Thorntree’s Rules and Regulations for more details.

Are monthly dues lowered during the colder months? 
No. Texas offers year-round golf and as a result, we do not adjust the monthly dues for the winter months.

Does the Club have a mandatory food and beverage minimum or mandatory service charge?
Yes. A $25 food and beverage minimum applies to all memberships and must be used by the last day of each month.

Does your club overseed? 
No. Our club has high-quality 419 Bermuda fairways, which provides an excellent playing surface year-round. However, we do overseed all par three and selected high traffic tees as well as our practice facility.
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