Memberships start at $90 a month

Thorntree Country Club takes pride in the fact we are a sponsorship preferred
Country Club. It is no longer a requirement although we do encourage our members to refer others.
This membership privilege is truly one of the oldest of
country club traditions that instills a close knit community.

If you are new to the community, live in the area, moving here or have recently heard of Thorntree, we will get you connected with members to help integrate you into the fabric of the club.

Thorntree Country Club is a “No Assessment” private Club.

Full Privilege Family Golf membership
 Includes unlimited practice range, unlimited tennis access, dining & social events, *Palmer Advantage benefits, 
olympic size pool and complimentary room rentals for parties/meetings

 Nonresident Golf memberships are available
Corporate Golf Memberships are available

Family Tennis membership
Includes unlimited tennis access, dining & social events, olympic size pool and complimentary room rentals for parties/meetings

 Family Social membership - our basic level
Includes all dining & social events, olympic size pool and
complimentary room rentals for parties/meetings

*Palmer Advantage has been created exclusively for our private club members to enhance the value you already receive from Thorntree Country Club. It provides more of what you and your family already love - more cart fee only golf access, more private golf and club access, preferential treatment and savings at hotels and resorts, tickets to any show, any time,
travel club benefits all around the world...and so much more!


To learn more about what we have to offer and becoming
a member of our family please contact
our Membership Director, Jennifer Caussey at 972.296.2146 ext 224

For current members interested in sponsoring a friend, neighbor or colleague please stop by the Membership office or email Jennifer for sponsorship details and current promotions. 
The incentives are endless!!!


Would you like a Personal Tour?

We will be happy to schedule a personal tour for you
to see this beautiful private club.
Contact our Membership Director today to schedule an appointment.
Tour appointments are Tuesdays through Saturdays.

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